ASIMO The World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot
ASIMO Specifications


Step to Safety with ASIMO
HEIGHT 4 ft 3in (130 cm)
WEIGHT 110 pounds (50 kg)
WALKING SPEED 1.7 mph (2.7 km/hour)
RUNNING SPEED 4.3 mph (7 kph)
WALKING CYCLE Cycle Adjustable, Stride Adjustable
GRASPING FORCE 0.5 kg/hand (5 finger hand)
ACTUATOR Servomotor+Harmonic Speed Reducer+Drive Unit
CONTROL UNIT Walk/Operating Control Unit, Wireless Transmission Unit
SENSORS: FOOT 6-axis Foot Area Sensor
SENSORS: TORSO Gyroscope & Acceleration Sensor
POWER Rechargeable 51.8V Lithium Ion Battery
OPERATION Workstation and Portable Controller

DEGREES OF FREEDOM (for human joints)
HEAD Neck joint (Up/Down, Left/Right Rotation) 3 DOF
ARMS Shoulder joints (Forward/Backward, Up/Down Rotation) 3 DOF
Elbow joints (Forward/Backward) 1 DOF
Wrist joints (Up/Down, Left/Right, Rotation) 14 DOF=7 DOF x 2 arms
HANDS 4 fingers (to grasp objects) / Thumb 26 DOF=13 DOF x 2 hands
HIP Rotation 2 DOF
LEGS Crotch joint (Forward/Backward, Left/Right Rotation) 3 DOF
Knee joints (Forward/Backward) 1 DOF
Ankle joints (Forward/Backward, Left/Right Rotation) 12 DOF=6 DOF x 2 legs
Honda engineers created ASIMO with 34 Degrees of Freedom that help it walk and perform tasks much like a human. One Degree of Freedom is the ability to move right and left or up and down. These degrees of freedom act much like human joints for optimum movement and flexibility. Lightweight materials, like a magnesium alloy structure, combined with powerful computers and 34 servo motors throughout its body help ASIMO move smoothly with ease.