ASIMO The World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot

Educational Materials

Want to learn in detail how ASIMO was created?
Find out in this 22-page manual detailing the history of Honda's humanoid robotics development and ASIMO up through 2002. This is recommended reading for ages 12 and over.

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Questions About Robots for the Classroom
Intriguing questions about robots to spark your students' imagination. Targeted at children 8 years and above.

(PDF) 52k - 10 seconds on a 56k modem
Classroom Learning Experiences
Increase your students' understanding of robots and the sciences through these fun classroom or home activities. Targeted at children 8 years and above.
(PDF) 75k - 12 seconds on a 56k modem
ASIMO's design, development and operation rely on many different disciplines including Mathematics, Physics, Anatomy, Engineering and Computer Science. The Teaching Resources Center provides information about ASIMO and robots that are sure to spark your students' interests in robotics, sciences, and more.
Calling educators of all kinds! Would you like to receive a free ASIMO educational DVD that teaches the importance of pedestrian safety?
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