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The Nation's Capital Says "Hello" to ASIMO Sept. 8, 2003
ASIMO made a special stop in the nation’s capital on September 8, 2003 at the Washington Convention Center.

With its historic monuments, famous museums, numerous special events and myriad of attractions, Washington, DC educates and entertains millions of people each year.  And on September 8, 2003, Washington, DC was host to an exclusive appearance from the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO.

On the morning of September 8th, more than 800 DC-area students and teachers started their school year off with an exciting visit to the new Washington Convention Center to see ASIMO and to learn more about robotics and science. The demonstration room inside the convention center was filled to capacity with students anxiously waiting to see the live 30-minute, high-tech show.  When the bright lights flashed and ASIMO took the stage, the students cheered and those in the back stood on their toes to get a better view of ASIMO.  Applause and laughter echoed through the room as ASIMO made comical gestures and challenged three students on stage to a dancing and balancing contest.

In the evening, the Washington Convention Center opened its doors to the general public so that people in the DC-area could get a chance to see this amazing robot firsthand.  From the audience cameras flashed, applause thundered and cheers echoed as ASIMO did the hula, balanced on one leg and climbed a set of stairs!

Keep your eyes open, because ASIMO might be visiting a city near you! Please check the tour schedule often to see the latest venue and tour information.

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ASIMO is the only humanoid robot in the world that can not only walk forward, but backward as well.