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ASIMO Says "Hello" to Montreal ... in French! Oct 17-19, 2003
ASIMO demonstrated its amazing capabilities for visitors to the Montreal Science Centre from Oct. 17-19, 2003.

To learn more visit Montreal Science Centre

In 1967 it was Expo 67 - the Montreal World’s Fair . . . in 1976 it was the Summer Olympic Games … and in 2003, Montreal hosted the “Say Hello to ASIMO” North American Educational Tour.  From October 17-19 people from all over town visited the Montreal Science Centre at the Old Port of Montreal to be the first audiences in the world to say “hello” to ASIMO in both English and French.  

On October 17 more than 800 local students ventured to the Montreal Science Centre to see ASIMO and learn about robotics.  Wide-eyed students sat on the edge of their seats and stared in amazement as ASIMO opened and closed its hands, walked in a figure eight and performed dance moves with some of their fellow classmates.  

Over the weekend, 2,100 people came to the museum to see ASIMO.  Tickets sold out for every show!  Those who were able to get tickets trekked to the end of King Edward Pier to see ASIMO’s live performance, while those who could not get tickets watched a simulcast of the show in a nearby theater.  Before the show began, some children crept up close to the stage so that they could get the best view of ASIMO. Other kids sat on their parents’ shoulders or stood on chairs so that nobody would be in their way of seeing this amazing robot.  Everyone applauded and smiled when ASIMO demonstrated its language abilities by saying hello in both English and French.  Even infants and toddlers laughed and giggled at the cute, friendly robot that waved to them and danced to music.   After the last demonstration, ASIMO was sad to say goodbye to Montreal, but happy to have made many new friends in Canada.

Come with your family and friends to ASIMO’s next stop on the “Say Hello to ASIMO” North American Educational Tour . . . the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington! Please check the tour schedule often to see the latest venue and tour information.

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ASIMO is the only humanoid robot in the world that can not only walk forward, but backward as well.