ASIMO The World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot
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University of Minnesota Feb 24-26, 2005
ASIMO visited the University of Minnesota during National Engineers' Week!

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ASIMO celebrated National Engineers’ Week 2005 in the Twin Cities by performing for 4,341 fans at the University of Minnesota, one of the nation’s top engineering schools. From February 24-26, ASIMO gave the Gophers of UMN an up-close look at its advanced technologies and entertained them with its dancing, balancing and mobility capabilities.  Each 30-minute demonstration was jam-packed with engineers and non-engineers alike applauding for ASIMO as it climbed a set of stairs, danced the hula, balanced on one leg and even kicked a soccer ball. By Saturday, ASIMO had attracted such large crowds of UMN students, faculty and the general public that there were over 1,000 people waiting in line for each demonstration and two encore demonstrations were added so that everyone who came to the campus that day could see ASIMO perform live.

The event was sponsored by the Institute of Technology and the Digital Technology Center. The Institute of Technology (IT) at the University of Minnesota is comprised of 13 academic departments and 24 research centers that encompass engineering, the physical sciences, and mathematics.  From the University’s earliest years, IT departments and programs played a prominent role in its transformation from preparatory school to one of the country’s leading public universities. As science and technology reconfigure our world, IT is working to ensure that Minnesota will be in the vanguard of emerging technologies and groundbreaking scientific research.  The Digital Technology Center (DTC), which is part of the Institute of Technology, is a hub of innovation and excellence at the University of Minnesota in the digital technologies serving the industrial, educational, and public needs of the state of Minnesota and the nation. The DTC integrates research, education, and outreach in digital design, computer graphics and visualization, telecommunications, intelligent data storage and retrieval systems, multimedia, data mining, scientific computation, and other digital technologies.

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ASIMO is the only humanoid robot in the world that can not only walk forward, but backward as well.