ASIMO The World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot
Inside ASIMO

Inside Asimo

ASIMO's Form
See how ASIMO is designed to integrate into home and work environments.

ASIMO Dimensions and Weight
Honda's ASIMO humanoid robot is perfectly designed to integrate into home and work environments. These videos show ASIMO alongside many everyday objects.

ASIMO at Home
Honda's ASIMO robot is designed to operate in the real world, where people need to reach for things, move along floors and sidewalks, and climb stairs.

ASIMO at the Office
Honda's ASIMO robot functions in a real workplace, where ASIMO's size is appropriate for many office tasks.

ASIMO Composition
ASIMO's body is made of magnesium alloy covered with a plastic resin, which makes ASIMO very durable and lightweight.

ASIMO Indicator Lights
Honda's ASIMO has three lights indicating states of operation, green: low-level power on, white: boot up complete, and red: ready to walk.

ASIMO Power Source
Honda's ASIMO is powered by a rechargeable, 51.8 volt Lithium ion battery stored in its backpack, that lasts for one hour on a single charge.

ASIMO's Function
Learn how ASIMO uses its 34 Degrees of Freedom.

Honda engineers created ASIMO with 34 Degrees of Freedom that allow it to do things like turn on a light switch, open doors and carry objects.

ASIMO Kinesthetic Force Sensor
Honda's ASIMO robot kinesthetic force sensor has the ability to sense the direction, and also the amount of force, on the hand.

ASIMO Grasping Force
ASIMO's grasping force is 0.5 kg per five-finger hand. Its hands have independent opposable thumbs, allowing it to carry objects.

ASIMO Degrees of Freedom
Honda's ASIMO has 14 Degrees of Freedom is its arms and 4 Degrees of Freedom is its hands, not including the joints in its fingers.

ASIMO Synchronizing with Humans
With force sensors in its wrists, Honda's ASIMO detects the strength and direction of the force applied to its hand and adjusts its movement.

ASIMO Shaking Hands
During a handshake, Honda's ASIMO will dynamically respond to a person's movement by stepping forward when its hand is pulled.

ASIMO Pushing a Cart
Honda's ASIMO is able to freely maneuver a cart by adjusting the forces of its arms to push the cart using the force sensor in its wrists.

ASIMO Carrying a Tray
While carrying a tray, Honda's ASIMO uses its entire body to control the tray, and also prevent spilling its contents on the floor.

ASIMO's Movement
Information about ASIMO mobility technologies.

Walking and Running
Honda's ASIMO is very stable even when moving suddenly. Stored walking patterns for start and steady speed are all combined to achieve smooth walking.

ASIMO Center of Gravity
ASIMO's robotic body is tilted inside of the circle to maintain balance with the amount of centrifugal force experienced.

ASIMO Zero Moment Point
ASIMO's walking patterns are generated independently in real time, and foot placement locations are carried out by ASIMO itself.

ASIMO Climbing and Descending
ASIMO's environment recognition technologies allow it to take on complex tasks such as going up or down stairs or navigating a slope.

ASIMO Using Stairs
Honda's ASIMO can climb and descend stairs on its own using Intelligent Real-Time Flexible Walking and its environment recognition technologies.

ASIMO's Intelligent Real-Time Flexible Walking, known as i-WALK, allows it to take on complex tasks such as using stairs.

ASIMO Coordinating the Body
Highly responsive hardware enables Honda's ASIMO to freely change speed while it is in motion, allowing ASIMO to have flexible and rapid movements.

ASIMO Balance/Posture Control
Honda's ASIMO uses Posture Control technology to proactively bend or twist its torso to maintain balance while walking and running.

ASIMO Avoiding Obstacles
Honda's ASIMO uses its ground and visual sensors to identify an obstacle and then autonomously selects a different route to prevent collisions.

ASIMO Ultrasonic Sensor
ASIMO's sonic wave sensors detect obstacles three meters ahead of it, including glass that the visual sensor cannot detect.

ASIMO Ground Sensor
Honda's ASIMO can identify obstacles and maneuver toward its destination without stopping by using information obtained about the area from its ground sensor.

ASIMO Visual Sensor
Honda's ASIMO corrects its position without stopping based on information obtained by is onboard visual sensors as it walks.

ASIMO's Intelligence
Information about ASIMO recognition technologies.

ASIMO Charting a Route
Honda's ASIMO is able to change its direction autonomously when its ground or visual sensor identifies an obstacle in the robot's path.

ASIMO Auto Detour Function
Honda's ASIMO establishes the shortest route from the origin to the destination, then diverts to an alternate route when it finds an obstacle.

ASIMO Recognizing Moving Objects
Honda's ASIMO can detect moving objects using visual information captured by the camera mounted in its head and assess distance and direction.

ASIMO Distinguishing Sounds
ASIMO's microphones allow it to receive voice commands, and microphones can also help it determine the direction of sounds.

Honda's ASIMO can distinguish between voices and other sounds, such as recognizing when its name is called, and turning around to face the source of the sound.

ASIMO Recognizing Faces and Gestures
Honda's ASIMO can react to the natural movements of humans and can interpret the position and movement of a hand, gestures and faces.