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All-New ASIMO Takes a Trip to Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen
All-New ASIMO performs at the 2015 Copenhagen Summit
All-New ASIMO performs at the 2015 Copenhagen Summit

April 13, 2015 - All-New ASIMO made a first ever trip to Denmark last week. The latest generation of Honda’s advanced humanoid robot was invited to the Scandinavian country by the President’s Institute to attend the 2015 edition of its prestigious Copenhagen Summits.

The theme of this year’s summit was “Making it Big” and gathered eight business leaders from around the world to discuss the topic, including Honda Motor Europe’s Senior Vice-President, Philip Ross.

All-New ASIMO made three appearances whilst at the event, including meeting Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for competition and joining the country’s famous Tivoli Boys’ Guards on stage for a five minute performance of regimented walking and dancing. It also included a full demonstration of the robot’s abilities, including running and hopping, as well as a wider explanation of Honda Robotics and its near 30 year program of research into humanoid robotics.

After ASIMO’s final performance, Honda Motor Europe’s Philip Ross joined the stage and spoke to the gathered audience of how innovation drives success, exploring Honda’s unique corporate structure and philosophy that provides its engineers with the full freedom to investigate innovation in all its forms.

“ASIMO is the embodiment of Honda’s passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries. Not only is ASIMO a fantastic research platform for our engineers but many of Honda’s technologies directly derived from our robotics research are applied to other mobility projects” said Philip Ross. “It’s innovation that drives business success for Honda. The determination to innovate is what motivates and empowers our Associates to consistently think differently and challenge themselves.”

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