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ASIMO Exhibits Headline Robotics Display in New Honda Heritage Center
A Honda associate interacts with ASIMO at the Honda Heritage Center
A Honda associate interacts with ASIMO at the Honda Heritage Center

MARYSVILLE, Ohio (Dec. 19, 2014) – Visitors to the new Honda Heritage Center in Marysville, Ohio would rightly expect to celebrate Honda’s past achievements, but when the facility opens to the public on January 5, visitors can also see the latest accomplishments of Honda robotics, including ASIMO!

Providing a look into the future of Honda in a collection that honors achievements of the company’s last 65 years, ASIMO is the cornerstone of a Honda robotics display that includes interactive experiences as well as a shell of a real ASIMO humanoid robot.

Using video game technologies, visitors can stand in front of a six-foot video screen and see ASIMO mimic some of their own movements, including kicking a soccer ball and performing dance moves. The shell of the ASIMO that is on display is one of the second-generation robots, which were introduced in North America 10 years ago.

In addition, a short film is available on video screens which traces the creation of ASIMO from the first tentative steps of the robotics program in 1986 to the latest version of ASIMO that visited New York City in a film that you can see via this YouTube link.

The exhibit also recognizes other achievements in Honda’s robotics program including the robotics lawn mower Miimo, which was the first commercial product created by Honda for home use. The U3-X personal mobility device, which was the precursor to the UNI-CUB, is also featured in the display.

The Honda Heritage Center is located at 24025 Honda Parkway in Marysville, Ohio and will be open to the public on January 5.

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