ASIMO The World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot
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ASIMO Worldwide - Maintained by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., this is the worldwide English-language ASIMO Web site. Here you can find out about ASIMO adventures all around the world!
ASIMO Official Site - This Web site from Honda Motor Co., Ltd., is the official home of ASIMO in Japan.  Even if you don’t speak Japanese, here you can view fun pictures and movies of ASIMO.
Honda Humanoid Robots - The home of ASIMO in Germany, this English-language Web site highlights some of the capabilities of ASIMO. You can even view movies!
Honda Humanoid Robots - This Japanese site highlights Honda’s humanoid robotics program.
Robotics Sites
RoboCup - See robots playing soccer at RoboCup!
Universal Robots - An excellent introduction to the history and workings of robots.
Cool Robot of the Week - Listing of “cool” robots and robotics-related Web sites by the NASA Space Telerobotics Program.
NASA Robotics Education Program - This Web site is dedicated to encouraging people to become involved in science and engineering, particularly robotics.
PBS: Hazardous Duty Robots - Read about three dangerous situations where hazardous duty robots could be used, and view clips of robots in action.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - This Web site provides information about NASA’s planetary robotics.
The FIRST Robotics Competition - The FIRST Robotics Competition is a national engineering contest for high school students.
Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University - Advanced robotics students will find much helpful information on this site to further their studies.